Brick Type Vacuum PFS Machine

Brick Type Vacuum Packing Machine

Machine introduction:

(1) Automatic Vacuum Packing Machine consists of elevator, weighing machine, bag former, packing machine, vacuum machine and finished product conveyor. Suitable for different kinds of product like yeast, rice, coffee powder, seeds vacuum packing, case packing and so on. 

(2) Professionally packs products into vacuum state and brick shape, and can provide various powders or granules, such as coffee, yeast, tea, etc. It is best to cooperate with vertical filling and sealing machine to complete automatic bagging line, which consists of screw loading conveyor with vibrating hopper feeder, screw filling metering system, automatic bag making machine with date printing unit and vacuum brick making machine composition. The packaging bag has high sealing quality, long storage time and beautiful appearance. Advanced vibration, pressing, reforming, vacuuming, sealing, cutting, leveling, conveying and other main processing procedures make the bag shape beautiful and the vacuum degree suitable.

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Suitable Packaging Samples

Packaging Process

Technical Features

Technical features:

(1) This machine integrates the functions of bag-making, filling, printing, shaping , vacuum, sealing, punching and counting.

(2) Adopts servo motor for film pulling with automatic offset correction. Two types of drive, i.e. cylinder and servo can be adopted for transverse sealing (for convenient selection by the customer under different operating condition); there are two types of longitudinal sealing mechanism, i.e. center sealing type and platen press type (the user can choose according to specific material and the film roll).

(3) The machine has good sealing performance and can meet customer’s hygienic requirements.

(4) All the electrical components and control components adopt local and foreign well-known brands with reliable performance; man-machine dialogue platform, both the operator and debugging personnel can set parameters through the touch screen.


Technical Parameters

Property Value
Bag Type
Brick type vacuum bag
Packaging weight
According to customer requirement.
Packing speed
Single chamber 15-20bags/m
Double chamber 25-30bags/m
Machine Size
Power: AC
380V,50Hz, 20kw
0.7Mpa 1.1m3/min
Film roll core dia
Film material
Laminated film(PP/PE/PA/ALU/PET,
please note PA is necessary inside,
cause it could keep the vacuumed bag keep shaped )

Suitable Products

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