Snacks Food Projects

Snacks & Food Processing Machine

Breakfast Cereal Plant

Revolutionizing Breakfast
Manufacturing Plant

Breakfast Cereals Like Cornflakes, Chocos etc are produced from this mixture using an extruder machine.

Instant Noodles Plant

Quick Hunger Solution
Noodles Manufacturing

We supply the pipes from cylinder to noodle machine; The buyer supply the steam to our cylinder.Frying electrical oil tempreture adjusting value.

Pasta - Macaroni Plant

Healthy yet

Fully Automatic Macaroni Pasta Plant, also known as a pasta manufacturing plant or pasta factory.

Nuts Processing Plant

Healthy yet

Nuts and dry fruits processing machines are specialized equipment designed to handle various stages of processing.

Fortified Rice Plant

Fight against

Fortified rice kernels (FRK) are produced from this mixture using an extruder machine. The kernels resemble rice grains.

2D-3D Pellet Plant

Pani Puri Pellet
Making Plant

The production line uses wheat flour, corn flour, corn starch, tapioca starch, potato starch as raw material. there is a broad range of pellet snacks in the market

Puffed Snacks Plant

Crunchy and Delicious
Puffed Snacks Plant

A puffed snacks plant refers to a manufacturing facility that produces puffed or expanded snacks. 

Pet Food Plant

Make Yummy
Pet’s Tummy

These machines are commonly used in the food industry to improve efficiency and maintain the quality and safety of the products. 

Fully Automatic Snacks & Food Processing Project

We at Imperial Associates provide the complete line/ turnkey projects for snacks & various food products which are designs and fabricate with high quality food production processing lines and packing systems.

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Turnkey solutions We-deal  

  1. Fully Automatic 2D – 3D – PaniPuri Pellet Production Line
  2. Fully Automatic Breakfast Cereals (Cornflakes-Chocos) Production Line
  3. Fully Automatic Instant Fried Noodles (Maggi-WaiWai) Production Line
  4. Fortified Rice – Grain Production Line
  5. Fried and Roasted various nuts with/without shells, skins, seasoning or coating.
  6. Kurkure-Cheese Balls – Filled Puffed Snacks Production Line
  7. Fresh & Fabricated Potato Chips Line – Like Lays & Pringles
  8. Continuous Potato Ring / Hexi Chips Processing Lines
  9. Choco Pie and Custurd Pie Making Machine
  10. Fully Automatic Biscuits & Bar Production Line
  11. Pet Food Production Line
  12. Fully Automatic Bakery Product Product Line
  13. Individual equipment such as Slicer, Peeler, Heat Exchanger and Fryer

Beside this we also source and supply various fabricate equipment tailor to our customer’s needs and specifications.

All our equipment is designed in a way that is easy to operate and maintain with high output to achieve your satisfaction with reliable service support. We constantly update and upgrade our technology with a strict management to fulfill our customer’s requirement target. Our Associates have the team of qualified technicians to provide after sales service to our prospective customer base.

Above all Our company also provide the seasoning & Flavors as per client’s requirement.

Automatically finish the stable film roll put and feeding, printing date and batch number、seals pre-affixed, physical and chemical sterilization、box pre-shape、filling、horizontal sealing、shaping、Cutting、sticky angle, output and other packaging process.

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