Spaghetti – Noodles Packaging System

Stick Noodles – Spaghetti Packing Machine

Fully Automatic Stick Noodles (Spaghetti) Packaging Machines is a specialized packaging equipment used in Noodles – Pasta packaging industry. It is designed to automatically weigh and pack stick noodles (such as spaghetti, Chowmien or Vermicelli) into bags or containers with precise measurements, enhancing efficiency and reducing manual labor.

Stick Noodles Packaging Machines is equipped with sensors and automation controls to ensure accuracy and efficiency during the entire process. It can handle a high volume of noodles per minute, making it suitable for large-scale noodle manufacturing and packaging operations.

Applicable to bulk strip-shaped materials such as: noodle, spaghetti, Chowmien or Vermicelli. In Stick Noodles Packaging Machines specific features and capabilities of the machine may vary depending on the manufacturer and model. Additionally, maintenance and proper calibration are essential to ensure consistent performance and accurate measurements.

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Here's how the machine typically works

  • Feeding System: The stick noodles are fed into the machine through a hopper or conveyor belt system. The machine ensures a steady flow of noodles to be weighed and packed.
  • Weighing Mechanism: The machine is equipped with a high-precision weighing system that accurately measures the desired amount of noodles for each bag or container. It can be set to specific weights based on the product’s packaging requirements.
  • Packing Section: Once the correct amount of noodles is weighed, the machine moves the portion to the packing section. At this stage, the machine forms the bag or container (usually made of plastic or other food-grade materials) and fills it with the measured noodles.
  • Sealing: After the bag or container is filled with noodles, the machine seals it to maintain freshness and prevent spillage during transportation and storage.
  • Coding and Labeling: Some machines may also have an optional feature for coding or labeling the packed bags with relevant information such as manufacturing date, expiry date, batch number, and barcode.
  • Output Conveyor: The packed and sealed stick noodle packages are then transferred to an output conveyor or collection area, where they can be easily collected and further processed for shipping.

Technical Parameters

Property Value
Measurement range
Packing speed
500g 30-40bag/min 1000g 20-25bag/min
Power supply
AC 220V 50HZ
Total gas consumption of the equipment


  • Intelligent, digital servo motor control system.
  • Double driving vertical sealing, automatic opening and closing structure.
  • Transverse sealing and cutting center can with packing height adjustment.
  • The feeding position in operation can be adjusted at any time.
  • LCD display, can be set, display operating status, parameters, and fault.
  • Part of the conveyor has the advantages of compact structure, adopts the material box structure, solves, the conventional scraper structure need t be replaced frequently and appearance defects.
  • Has a unique automatic flush device, ensure that the qualified rate of the finished packaging vermicelli.
  • Color code tracking point automatic positioning, automatic with the standard; packaging bags, automatic measurement of memory.
  • With air defense, anti-cutting function, saves the packaging cost.
  • Automatic weighing machine, host core system and stainless-steel conveying line are exclusive patents.

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