Aseptic Brick Packing Machine

Automatic Aseptic Brick Filling Machine

Automatic Aseptic Brick Juice Packing Machine is a type of packaging equipment used in the food and beverage industry to fill and seal juice or other liquid products in aseptic brick-shaped containers. These containers are typically made of multi-layered carton materials that protect the contents from contamination and maintain their freshness without the need for preservatives.

In Aseptic Brick Packing Machine the aseptic process involves sterilizing both the product and the packaging materials separately to eliminate any bacteria or microorganisms that could spoil the contents. Once the sterilization is complete, the machine fills the sterile product into the aseptic bricks and seals them tightly to ensure the product remains fresh and safe for an extended period. Aseptic Brick Packing Machine are widely used in the beverage industry to package a variety of products like fruit juices, dairy products, non-dairy milk alternatives, and other liquid foods.

Aseptic Brick Packing Machine is professional in mechanical、electricity、 gas、 hydraulic、optical、Magnetic, full intelligent display the results of detection and control of production process, fault diagnosis will achieve full intelligent display.Aseptic Brick Packing Machine automatically finish the stable film roll put and feeding, printing date and batch number、seals pre-affixed, physical and chemical sterilization、box pre-shape、filling、horizontal sealing、shaping、Cutting、sticky angle, output and other packaging process.

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Functions and Features of Aseptic Brick Packing Machine

  • The machine is suitable for filling milk, juice, soymilk etc. other beverage. 
  • The machine Automatic Form Feed –sterilize –filling –shaping – sealing.
  • PLC human control, Human – Machine Interface with English and Chinese display. Intuitive operation and low Fault rate.
  • Automatic finished all the job step, which includes run over the scroll reposefully, batch number, stick plastic tape, chemical and physical sterilizing, roll into cylinder, filling material, sealing-off, molding, cutting and horn-shaped.
  • The forming system we choose our own patent rectangular forming method instead of roundness system which use by Tetra pack, this system made the running much more stable, the function much more reliable, the exterior appearance of the product much perfect.

Technical Parameters

Property Value
2400 box/h
Filling Range
200 ml
Package shape
Standard shaped or slim shaped
Shelf life
In 25-30ºc, juice shelf life 6-12months,acidic milk 6 months
Package material
Electric power
220V/ 380V 50Hz
Air Consumption
0.4-0.8m³/min 1.0Mpa

Working of Aseptic Brick Juice Packing Machine

    • Sterilization system: A machine designed for aseptic packaging will have a reliable sterilization system to ensure that the product and packaging materials are free from harmful microorganisms.
    • Filling system: The machine should have a precise and efficient filling system to fill the liquid product into the aseptic bricks accurately.
    • Sealing system: A robust sealing mechanism is essential to maintain the aseptic integrity of the packages and prevent any contamination.
    • Quality control and monitoring: These machines are likely to have advanced sensors and monitoring systems to ensure the quality and safety of the packaged products.
    • Automation: To optimize production efficiency and reduce human errors, aseptic brick juice packing machines may incorporate automation features for various processes.
    • Cleaning and maintenance: A proper cleaning and maintenance system are essential to maintain the aseptic conditions and prolong the machine’s lifespan.

Our Aseptic Brick Packing Machine uses modern optical and mechanical & electrical integration of the latest technology integration design, precision manufacturing, the use of closed-loop control tension、photoelectric detection、 PLC control, HMI interface operation monitoring, smart application of heat radiation and high frequency inspection, to make the stick and vertical, horizontal seal more reliable, scientific and rational use, so that the machine running more freely、stability. Automatic film roll replace device, the machine replaces the roll and splice paper without stop the machine. Aseptic Brick Packing Machine has achieved the leading level in the world of the aseptic performance, the degree of automation, the ability of production, the stability of the equipment and so on. 

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