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Crunchy and Delicious : Fully Automatic Puffed Snacks Manufacturing Plant

A puffed snacks plant refers to a manufacturing facility that produces puffed or expanded snacks. These types of snacks are popular in the food industry and are created through a process called puffing or expansion. Puffing involves subjecting raw materials (such as grains, rice, corn, etc.) to high pressure and high temperature for a short period, followed by a sudden release of pressure. This process causes the moisture inside the raw materials to turn into steam, leading to the rapid expansion of the snack’s structure.


The production line uses corn powder, corn grits, rice, rice powder as raw material, by twin screw extruder fully melting, cooking and curing to produce highly puffed, soft, delicate, melt-in-mouth, creamy snack food. If equip with drying and flavoring, its taste will be perfect.

The puffed snacks plant typically consists of various machines and equipment designed to carry out the different stages of the production process.

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Final Output Products

Fully Automatic Puffed Snacks Plant

Here’s a general overview of the steps involved in the production of puffed snacks:

  1. Raw Material Preparation: The primary ingredients, such as grains, rice, corn, or other materials, are cleaned, sorted, and processed to ensure they meet the required quality standards.

  2. Conditioning: The raw materials may undergo conditioning, where moisture is added to achieve the right moisture content for puffing.

  3. Puffing or Expansion: The conditioned raw materials are fed into puffing machines, where they are subjected to high heat and pressure. As mentioned earlier, this process causes the moisture inside the materials to expand rapidly, resulting in the characteristic puff texture.

  4. Seasoning: After puffing, the snacks are typically flavored and seasoned with various spices, seasonings, or coatings to enhance their taste and appeal.

  5. Cooling: The freshly puffed snacks are then cooled down to room temperature to ensure they become crispy and ready for packaging.

  6. Packaging: The puffed snacks are packaged in various formats, such as bags, boxes, or containers, ready for distribution and sale.

The entire process in a puffed snacks plant is automated and closely monitored to maintain consistency in product quality and safety. Additionally, strict quality control measures are usually in place to ensure that the final products meet all regulatory requirements and consumer expectations.

It’s worth noting that the specific equipment and processes in a puffed snacks plant may vary depending on the type of puffed snacks being produced and the scale of the production facility. Some plants may focus on producing a single type of puffed snack, while others might have a diverse range of products.

Plant Layout

Technical Parameters

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Solutions we Provide

  • Fully Automatic Puffed Stick (Kurkure) Plant

  • Fully Automatic Corn Kernels (Cheetos) Plant

  • Fully Automatic Center Filled Puffed Plant
  • Fully Automatic Puffed Cheese Balls Plant

  • Fully Automatic Puffed Ring Snacks Plant

  • Fully Automatic Special Shape Puffed Snacks Plant
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