Multitrack Packaging Machine

Multi-Track Packing Machine

Latest generation Multi-Track Packaging Machines is a sophisticated system used in the manufacturing and packaging industry to automate the packaging process for various products. This type of packaging solution is commonly used in industries such as food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and other consumer goods manufacturing.

These Multi-Track Packaging Machine is the primary packaging unit of the system. It is designed to handle multiple product lines simultaneously. This means that several products can be packaged at once on different tracks, increasing the overall packaging throughput. The whole line can be integrated with secondary packaging line.

In these Multi-Track Packaging Machine, each track can handle different products or variants of the same product, it is designed to fill the product into various types of packaging materials (e.g., pouches, bottles, sachets) and seal them securely. Multi-Track Packaging Machine is precise in dosing and filling to ensure consistent product quantities, and it operates at high speeds to meet production demands. Our Multi-Track Packaging Machine is equipped with advanced controls for monitoring and adjusting the packaging process to maintain efficiency and product quality.

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  1. Easy to adjust, precise in measurement, requires a simple procedure for pouch length adjustment without changing the mould. Functions can be regulated for longitudinal sealing, transverse sealing, filling, notch cutting, longitudinal cutting, fracture line making and transverse cutting with the advanced technology for our man-machine interface.
  2. Famous servo motor driver is adopted, high-performance PLC  pouch length can be setup directly at the touch screen, at the same time longitudinal sealing and transverse sealing be able to auto in-phase tracking. It saves more time and material compare with mechanical transmission, and with bag pulling smoother and even easier to adjust.
  3. Accuracy in page correcting, automatic counting, and photoelectric tracking system is adopted to ensure the automatic correcting the double face printing design on packing bags, precise in counting.
  4. It has reliable performance, convenient to operate and super automatic. A PLC is used for automatic controlling.
  5. Applicable to a wide using: suitable for most of the complex film packing materials.


It is suitable to pack catsup materials in the fields of pharmacy industry, food industry and daily industry. Such as ketchup, shampoo, honey, mayonnaise, jam, cream of all kinds.

Technical Parameters

Property Value
Bag Length
50-300mm(L) (Adjustable)
Bag Width
35-105mm(W)Fix And Can’t Change
Packing Speed
30-40bags/Min/Line Depend On Pouch Size And Material
Measuring Range
Cutting Fashion
Flat Cutting, With Tear Notch
Sealing Fashion
4 Side Sealing
Applicable Film
Max Width Of Film Roll
Max Film Roll Diameter
Film Roll Core Diameter
Φ76 Mm
Power Voltage
380V/ 3 Phase 4 Wires 50HZ
Package Size

PLC Mitsubishi + Servo System Control

Sealing Area, Double Transverse Sealing

5 Servo System Control Filling, Sealing, Cutting


Filling System, Each Line With Servo Motor

Suitable Product

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