Colour Blister Packaging Machine

Colour Blister Chocolate Packing Machine

Colour Blister (Kinder Joy Type) Chocolate Blister Packing Machine is a specialized packaging equipment designed to create blister packs for chocolates or similar confectionery products, particularly those with a surprise element inside. These are very popular chocolate product produced by Ferrero, known for its unique packaging that includes a toy or surprise inside the chocolate.

The packaging process for Colour Blister Chocolate Packing Machine, involves creating a blister pack with two separate compartments: one for the chocolate and the other for the surprise toy. The blister pack is then sealed with a foil or film to ensure the product’s freshness and safety.

Colour Blister Chocolate Packing Machine are specifically designed to handle the unique requirements of this type of confectionery packaging. The machines are capable of high-speed production, ensuring efficient packaging of chocolates and toys while maintaining product integrity and safety. The use of automation in these machines reduces manual labor, increases productivity, and ensures consistent packaging quality.

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Suitable Packaging Samples

Characteristic Of Printed Plastic Sheet Forming Filling Sealing Machine

This machine is innovated by our technicians for filling of different products inside plastic cups / trays formed by this machine. It adopts with the PLC controlling system, firming, filling, sealing, date printing, cutting, end-products coming out.

Scope of Packagin:

It’s suitable to use in packing the high accuracy and easy fragile material  such as : all kinds of free flowing liquid, such as fruit jam, chocolate jam, butter, ketchup, etc. as well as biscuit, candy, troche, capsule and so on. 

Packaging Process:

Automatic: Sheet Into The Machine 🡪 Forming 🡪 Liquid Filling 🡪 Biscuit Filling 🡪 Manual Toy Placing 🡪 Sealing 🡪 Cutting 🡪 Ultrasonic Joining Of Shapes 🡪 End Product


Property Value
Gram 380V/3 PHASE/50Hz
Cutting frequency
about 17-20times/min (If Size similar to Kinderjoy)
Motor power
Air pressure
Air consumption
≥ 0.3m³/min
Mould cooling
tap water or recycling water
Max shaping areas depth
Applied forming materials
Applied plastic sheet roll max diameter
Applied plastic sheet thickness
Filling type
Piston rationed cup filling
Filling error
≤±0.5 g
Dimension of the machine (L x W x H)
5400x680x1500mm (A) / 6000x680x1950mm (SA)
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