Specialized Packaging Solutions

Range of Specialized Packaging Solutions

HFFS Packaging Machine

Horizontal Form-Fill-Seal
Packing Machine

This Packing Machine is specially designed for the packaging of stand-up pouches with zipper sealing.

Spaghetti – Noodles Packaging System

Stick Noodles –
Spaghetti Packing Machine

Stick Noodles Machines is equipped with sensors and automation controls to ensure accuracy and efficiency during the entire process.

Multitrack Packaging Machine

Sophisticated system used in 

It is designed to fill the product into various types of packaging materials (e.g., pouches, bottles, sachets) and seal them securely. 

Cup Fill-Seal

Pneumatic Cup-Filling &
Sealing Machine

This type of packaging machine is commonly used for packing Jelly, Pudding, Yogurt, Fruit Cups and other similar products.

Specialized and Customized Packaging Solutions

Poly bag secondary packaging machine is to pack pouches of grains and powders into pre-formed bags. The machine is Fully Automatic in nature. These machines replace high cost of Cartoning and Baling options. At the same time it also overcomes manual and disorderly packaging. This automates the entire secondary packing process and saves labor, time and space. It is an extremely Efficient and Cost-Effective Solution for all the Secondary Packaging Requirements.

At Imperial our team have earned a great expertise in providing Customized and Specialized Packaging Machines, designed and built to meet specific packaging needs of a specified industry and product. Our custom-made pouch packaging machine is specialized packaging machine designed to package products into pouches according to particularly useful for industries that require flexible packaging solutions, such as Food, Snacks, Beverages, Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics and more.

We designed our packaging systems to optimize the packaging process, increase efficiency and ensure product safety during transportation and storage. Our systems offer significant advantages, including improved productivity, reduced labor costs, better product protection and adherence to industry standards. Our careful planning, clear communication and collaboration with client plays a vital role to ensuring the success of the project

To acquire perfect solutions for our client’s need for customized packaging machine, our management team engages with client at personal level and work closely with the client to understand their specific requirements and design a solution that fits their needs precisely. 

Key features and considerations

  • Pouch size and material: The machine should be capable of accommodating various pouch sizes and materials, including plastic, paper, foil, or a combination of these. The pouch material depends on the product’s nature and the desired barrier properties (e.g., moisture, oxygen, or light resistance).
  • Filling mechanism: The machine should have a filling mechanism suitable for the product type, such as volumetric fillers, auger fillers, liquid pumps, or weigh-fill systems. Different products require different filling techniques to achieve accurate and consistent fills.
  • Sealing technology: Depending on the pouch material, sealing methods may vary. Common sealing techniques include heat sealing, ultrasonic sealing, or zipper sealing for resealable pouches.
  • Automation level: The automation level can range from semi-automatic to fully automatic, depending on the production volume and the need for labor savings.
  • Versatility: The machine may need to handle various types of pouches, such as stand-up pouches, flat pouches, quad-seal pouches, or three-side-seal pouches. Flexibility in pouch formats is crucial for accommodating different products.
  • Integration with other equipment: For a seamless production process, the pouch packaging machine should integrate with other upstream and downstream equipment, such as product fillers, conveyors, labelers, and cartoners.
  • Speed and output capacity: The machine’s speed should be in line with the desired production capacity, ensuring that it meets the required throughput.
  • Controls and user interface: An intuitive user interface and robust control system are essential for smooth machine operation and quick adjustments between different product runs.
  • Safety and hygiene: In industries like food and pharmaceuticals, maintaining hygiene and complying with safety standards is paramount. The machine should be designed with easy cleaning and sanitization in mind.
  • Maintenance and support: Reliable technical support and maintenance services are critical to minimize downtime and ensure the machine’s long-term performance.

Description of machine

  1. The machine collects the input of pouches from VFFS Machine.
  2. Pouches are then passed on to a online pouch check weighing system where every pouch is online checked for correctness in the weight and rejected if not in the specified weight range.
  3. The pouches are then taken up through and compression belt where at the end the pouches are counted and dropped in an collector unit.
  4. The bag magazine hold polybags which are automatically pickup one by one and loaded on to an gripper for filling. The gripper is placed just beneath the pouch collector.
  5. The exact count of pouches is filled into the bag after which the bag is given out to an track which carries the bag for auto stitching.
  6. The filled bag is passed through and auto Sealing/stitching machine where the bag is Sealed/stitched automatically.
  7. The filled bag is check for the weight at the end to verify the correctness of the pouch count inside.

Advantages of the Machine

  1. The machine is fully automatic and hence reduces labour.
  2. Eliminates disorderly manual packaging. The secondary packaging becomes systematic.
  3. Uses less space as compared to manual packaging.
  4. Every pouch produced is checked for weight correctness.
  5. Every bag produced is check for correctness in the pouch count.
  6. Packaging becomes efficient and hence the productivity increases.
  7. System has inbuilt functionality of data logging. The entire production data can be logged and saved into a central server.
  8. System can be aligned for further warehousing automations making the overall packaging and logistics not dependent on workforce.

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