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The production line uses wheat flour, corn flour, corn starch, tapioca starch, potato starch as raw material. By cooking, cutting etc process to produce spiral, tube, onion ring, waved chips etc 2D snack pellet. Also can equip with pattern pressing machine and compound machine to produce burgles, net crispy, pani puri etc 3D snack pellet. Then by drying, frying and flavoring, the snack pellet can be made to be crispy, vivid instant-eat twice extrusion puffed food. Combinations of unit screw and precise control of processing, that achieve higher quality and various products with more chosen for raw material.

Snack pellets are semi-processed bites, manufactured using a broad range of raw materials and ingredients such as cereals and potatoes. Indeed, pellet-made snacks contribute a vital component to the vast spicy snacks market today in the US, China, Europe and other parts of the world.

Today, there is a broad range of pellet snacks in the market, thanks to the innovation technology with 2D & 3D pellet snack making the machine, which processes a wide range of products in numerous styles, textures, shapes, and tastes.

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Final Output Products

Fully Automatic 2D - 3D Pellet Plant

The 2D & 3D pellet snacks making machines can produce products like: Punched pellets, Laminated pellets, Die distant cut pellets, Die face cut pellets, Wheat Pellets, Multi cereal pellets, Potato pellets In this article, we give the overview of 2D&3D pellet snacks making machines, highlighting how they work, their features, benefits, productivity, as well as their cons and limitations. Read on to make out whether this device is worth investing in or not.

Benefits of the machine to the user :

1. Automation : The machine is highly automated with an efficient lubrication and cooling system extruder, ensuring the device works throughout. Furthermore, this device also has features like automatic temperature regulation control for every module, automatic start up and power cut, as well as a synchronized display for every process control or parameter.

2. Efficient control : It also guarantees an efficient melt flow along with melt temperature which promotes consistency in pellet dimensions.

3. Quick : Unlike the conventional snack pellet production lines, these 2D & 3D variations guarantee faster start up and shut down processes. Indeed, the 3D models are 50 percent faster than their traditional counterparts.

4. Versatility : The 2D & 3D pellet snacks machines are highly flexible and ideal for crafting a wide range of snacks like baked snacks, fried snacks, corn chips, maize, rice, oats and much more. Additionally, it also allows the user to use a broad range of raw material including cassava powder, potato powder, wheat flour and corn flour so it is easy to changeover to another product unlike in traditional snacks pellet making machines which may be rigid.

5. Different Shapes & Flavours: Moreover, the line allows the user to process any starchy material into the end product with several flavors. The end products can then be made into several varying shapes like star, animal shapes, mesh shapes, pipe, screw, flower and shell shapes by changing the extruder dies.

6. Reduced space: Unlike the conventional snacks pellets machines, the 2D and 3D variations occupy less space.

7. Adjustable output: Depending on the producer, the device can be adjusted to increase output from as little as 150kg/h up to nearly 800kg/h of dried pellets.

8. Long shelf life: Snack pellets can be kept for more extended periods, without going bad.

9. Durable: The main parts of the machine are crafted using stainless steel; hence they can last for a long time. v Several colors, tastes, and flavors. Limitation Perhaps the outstanding limitation of the 2D & 3D snacks pellet machines is that they involve high capital investment.

Characteristic of the 3D pellet snacks processing line:

  • The water circulating cooling system and lubrication system of the extruder machine ensures the 7/24 work.
  • A wide choice of the raw materials ensure that you can find the cheaper materials in your own location.
  • Versatility — you can create a wide variety of final snacks with numerous shapes and flavors by adjusting the extruder dies and tasty seasonings.
  • The main body of the machine is made of the stainless steel ensure a long time lifetime.

Plant Layout

Technical Parameters

Model IA-PPL-150 IA-PPL-250 IA-PPL-350
Installed Power
113 kw
146 kw
170 kw
Power Consumption
85 kw
110 kw
128 kw
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