X-ray Inspection Systems

X-ray Inspection Systems

New Imperial Associates Exim Pvt Ltd proudly introduces online Food & FMCG products X-Ray Inspection System. Nowadays, industrial fields and customers have highly evaluated X-Ray Inspection System that contributes to the food safety through foreign body inspection machines.

X-Ray foreign containment inspection, positively introduce leading technologies into highly sensitive, easy-to-operate, and energy saving inspection machines to develop attractive machines meeting the current needs with passion. Furthermore, X-Ray Inspection System provides the production lines with the safety and reliability as total planning company for the foreign body inspection.

This foreign containment X-ray inspection machine is designed to detect whether or not foreign body (metal, stone, bone, and/or glass, etc.) is mixed with products processed at the plant. The foreign body inspection machine is utilized in a wide variety of applications, such as food and medical supply industries that require high safety.

X-ray inspection machines helps to protect all types of consumables food – pharma product with a top-level accuracy in the world to provide the customers with security and safety.


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A foreign body inspection system is intended to detect foreign bodies contained in articles, which are difficult to find through human eyes. X-ray inspection systems have been used to detect foreign bodies contained in various articles, such as food products, medicines, and resin materials manufactured and processed at factories.

In particular, the requirements for food safety are increasingly becoming severer. In response to such consumers’ demands, X-ray inspection systems help to deliver safe articles to consumers.

Example of foreign body inspection process

As what process a foreign body entered is identified, corrective measures can be taken easily.

Foreign body that can be detected with the metal detector or X-ray inspection system

The metal detector and X-ray inspection system are used for their suitable applications by utilizing their dedicated fields. To supplement their weak fields, the metal detector and X-ray inspection system may also be used as a set.

About X-ray inspection system

The X-ray inspection system is so designed that the inside of an article can be seen clearly by utilizing the principles that are basically the same as the X-ray radiography. The X-ray is made to thin beams and these beams are applied to an article to be inspected. The transmit amount is measured with a semi-conductor type line sensor to take photographs as images. Captured monochrome X-ray transmit images are analyzed to automatically distinguish foreign bodies from others. Not only metal foreign bodies, but also stone, glass, bone, and hard rubber foreign bodies can be detected.

A wide variety of foreign bodies can be detected.

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