MAP Vacuum Thermosealer

Automatic MAP Tray Vacuum Thermosealer Machine

Imperial’s Automatic Tray MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) Thermo-Sealing Vacuum Packing Machine, are state of art specialized packaging equipment used to create sealed trays with a modified atmosphere for various food products. MAP is a packaging technique that involves altering the atmosphere inside the package to extend the shelf life of perishable foods, maintain freshness, and preserve product quality.

The key benefit of Tray MAP Thermo-Sealing Vacuum Packing Machine is that, it helps slow down the deterioration of the packaged food, which can significantly extend the product’s shelf life. This is achieved by reducing the oxygen content inside the package, which inhibits the growth of spoilage microorganisms and slows down oxidation processes that cause food degradation.

Our Automatic Tray MAP Thermo-Sealing Vacuum Packing Machine are commonly used in the food industry, particularly for packaging fresh produce, meat, poultry, seafood, and ready-to-eat meals. The automation in these machines allows for high production rates, consistent sealing quality, and efficient packaging processes. Additionally, the ability to customize the gas mixture and sealing parameters based on different products makes this type of packaging machine versatile and widely used in the food packaging industry.

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  • The tray sealing machine adopts Modified Atmosphere Packaging(MAP) technology, which is a packaging material with gas barrier performance made d the tray box for packaging food.
  • According to the customer’s product needs, a certain proportion of gas mixture is filled into the package to prevent the food from physical, chemical, biological and other aspects of quality decline or slow down the quality of decline, thereby extending the shelf life of food, enhance the quality of food.
  • This prevents or slows down the quality decline in physical, chemical and biological aspects, thus prolonging the shelf life of food and enhancing the value of food.

Technical Parameters

Property Value
Packing material
Hard box, aluminum box, paper box, foam box
Tray size
Maximum mold size
Tray depth size
Basic mold size
620*350mm 4tray/mold
Basic tray size
224*133mm depth:10-70mm
Cover film width
Roll outer diameter
Roll inner diameter
Machine speed
12cycle/min Maximum capacity: 2880tray /hour
Conveyor belt height
Compressed air
0.6-0.8mpa(Air consumption about 360L/min)
Total power supply
Three phase 380V 50HZ 18KW(include vacuum pump 7.5KW)
Machine dimensions
5400x680x1500mm (A) / 6000x680x1950mm (SA)
Machine weight
About 2000KG(exinclude vacuum pump )
Vacuum pump
300m³/h (three-phase 380V 50HZ 7.5KW)
Installation conditions
Temperature10-40℃ Humidity: 30-90% RH, no condensation Altitude below 1000M
No corrosive gas, no combustible gas, no dust and iron filings


  • Future oriented structural design, intelligent access to previous and subsequent processes
  • Intelligent control system, convenient switching of formula parameters
  • Free selection of pressure mode/time mode
  • Advanced mold replacement system, easy and fast replacement of other specifications
  • The first mock examination is multi-purpose, the tray size is the same, and a variety of height specifications are shared.
  • Compact structure and small footprint
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance


  • Fast packaging speed, up to 3000BPH
  • Stable packaging and sealing, sealing pressure up to 2 ton.
  •  Save film, saving about 20% of film than other machines in market.
  • Save gas, save 30% of gas consumption.
  • Feeding and filling system
  • Front-end automatic connection system
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