Spout Fixing - Sealing Machine

Spout Inserting and Sealing Machine


Flexible pouch auto spout sealing machine is one kind of automatic device for install and seal plastic spout with premade pouch. Pouch with spout manufacture by this machine with advantage of high production efficiency, good looking, high sealing strength, avoid human touch spout and pouch, safe and sanitary. 

FZJ-12-70 flexible pouch auto spout sealing machine auto location spout and multi-station transmit, loading pouch with spout and sealing. Suitable for long spout and short spout, vertical type sealing spout.

Spout fixing and sealing machines are used to securely attach spouts or nozzles to various types of flexible packaging, such as pouches and bags. These machines are commonly employed in the packaging industry, especially for products like liquid beverages, sauces, oils, detergents, and other similar items. The spout fixing and sealing process ensures a leak-proof and tamper-evident packaging solution.

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  1. Vibration plate auto spout loading system: this system is composed of photoelectric control storage and vibration plate, can auto arrange plastic spout transmit to spout loading device. Vibration plate hopper can store 5000pcs spout. 
  2. Spout loading system: adopted cylinder push spout into groove of conveyor, auto location, no angle changing, ensure product accuracy. 
  3. Transfer system: For transfer spout or pouch as station fixed length, in order to spout loading, correction pre-heat, hot sealing, cold shaping, detection functions. Transfer system drive by Germany Siemens motor. 
  4. Pouch loading system is composition of pouch storehouse, pouch pick up device, pouch loading device. Use for picking up pouch from storehouse, clamping pouch, open pouch, load on spout and transfer to next step. 
  5. Multi-sealing system: compose of multi heat sealing cylinder group for finish process of once pre-heat, four times heat sealing and once cold shaping. 
  6. Optical detection system: auto detect quality, remove defective product, defective percentage less than 5‰.
  7. Finished product loading groove-stick and auto reload system: finished products load into groove-stick after counting, for filling machine use, groove-stick auto switch and transit by conveyor after full loaded. 

Main technical specifications

Auto spout lifting → auto spout arranging → auto spout pre-heat → auto pouch feeding and inserting → auto quadruple heat sealing → auto cold shaping → finished pouch auto load in stick → auto discharging → conveyor transport to filling machine.

High intelligence automatic production, auto sensor detection, auto stop pouch inserting without spout, auto stop sealing without pouch, auto discharge unseal spout and pouch, all above function intelligence separate control in continuously production.

Materials and accessories requirement details as below list:

Property Value
Japan SMC
Electric appliance
France Schneider control panel, intermediate relay;
Japan Omron encoder, AC contactor, approach switch;
Taiwan Delta converter, FOTEK solid-state relay, Taiwan heater.
Touch screen
Drive system
Taiwan precision stepper, JIE reducer, SIEMENS motor
Pouch dimension
L (100-250) x W(80-120)mm
Power supply
AC380V, 50HZ, 3-phase 4-wire, 4.0KW
Air supply
0.5-0.8Mpa, 180NL/min, 0.8m³/min
Chilling water
Machine dimension

Technical feature

  1. Stand-up pouch auto loading spout and sealing
  2. Servomotor driving
  3. PID temperature control
  4. 19 working condition screen display
  5. Finished products auto load in groove-stick, use for filling machine
  6. Touch screen display clear, easy operation
  7. Multi fault alarm display
  8. Patented technology, all right reserved.
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