Pharma Blister Packing Machine

Pharmaceutical Blister Packing Machine

Blister Packing Machine for Pharmaceuticals & Surgical Products is a specialized packaging equipment designed to create blister packs for pharmaceutical and surgical products. These customized Blister packaging is widely used in the pharmaceutical and medical industries due to its benefits, such as product protection, tamper resistance, and easy unit-dose dispensing.

Blister Packing Machine for Pharmaceuticals & Surgical Products are designed to meet the strict regulatory requirements of the pharmaceutical and medical industries. These machines ensure that the products are safely and hygienically packaged, and they also prevent contamination or damage during storage and transportation.

The machines can come in various configurations, including semi-automatic and fully automatic models, depending on the production volume and complexity of the packaging process. The use of automation in these machines improves efficiency, reduces human error, and ensures consistent packaging quality, making them essential equipment for pharmaceutical and surgical product manufacturer.

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Suitable Packaging Samples

Pharmaceutical Blister Packing Machine working

  1. Blister Formation: The process starts with a roll or sheet of pharmaceutical-grade thermoplastic material (usually PVC, PVDC, or cold-formable foil) being fed into the machine. The machine then uses heat and pressure to form the plastic into the desired shape of the blister cavities. The cavities are designed to hold the pharmaceutical tablets, capsules, or surgical products securely.
  2. Product Loading: After the blister cavities are formed, the machine moves to the product loading station. The pharmaceutical tablets or capsules are loaded into the formed blister pockets. For surgical products, such as medical devices or instruments, they are carefully placed into the blister cavities.
  3. Optional Printing and Inspection: Some advanced blister packing machines may have printing capabilities to print batch numbers, expiry dates, and other product information on the backing material or the blisters. Additionally, some machines can integrate inspection systems to detect any defects or errors in the packaging process.
  4. Sealing: Once the products are loaded into the blister pack, a roll or sheet of lidding material (usually aluminum foil or other suitable film) is fed into the machine. The machine then applies heat and pressure to seal the lidding material onto the blister pack, creating a secure and tamper-evident seal.
  5. Cutting and Stacking: After sealing, the blister packs are cut into individual units, and they may be stacked or collected for further packaging, labeling, or distribution.

Technical Parameters

Property Value
Production speed
30- 40 packs/min
bag packaging type
Four-side seal
Packaging product size
(length) 5 - 400 mm (width) 5 - 30 0mm ( height) 1-60mm
Film width & length calculation formula
According to the mold
Packaging film width
Outer diameter of packaging film
≤40 0mm
Packaging film material
PE PE compound PET
Air pressure
Machine operating height
total power
14.5KW _
Power Type
38 0 V 50/60HZ three- phase
machine weight

Product Features

  1. The machine works smoothly and continuously, and is suitable for bagging and sealing of various masks, medical supplies, hygiene products and other products.
  2. Fully automatic bagging, photoelectric correction, no burrs, mold forming.
  3. The equipment can be configured with different types of feeders. Mitsubishi PLC imported from Japan, the accuracy is improved and the stability of the equipment is high .
  4. Intermittent sealing is better to ensure the beauty of the sealing and avoid leakage.
  5. The machine is easy to operate, and the PLC touch screen can adjust the packaging temperature and speed according to the packaging material, product thickness and length. servo motor. Through the control of light, electricity and gas, the fault can be self-diagnosed, and the display is clear. 
  6. The whole machine is covered with stainless steel, with good appearance, easy to clean and durable. Low operation and maintenance costs.
  7. Intelligent PLC temperature control.
  8. The required number of automatic alarm reminders, the required number of automatic batching and stacking.
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