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Quick Hunger Solution: Automatic Instant Noodles Manufacturing Plant

Setting up an instant noodles manufacturing plant, similar to the popular brand Waiwai, Maggi or Yippee, requires careful planning, investment, and adherence to food safety standards. Here Imperial comes – with our expertise and deep understanding we can help you to understand and follow the general steps involved in establishing such a plant.

Fully automatic Instant Fried Noodles Line with capacity 300-1200mm for capacity upto 100-500K Cakes/8Hrs for 35gms-80gms with state of art packaging system with seasoning feeding system and auto changeover of film.

The Composition of Fried Instant Noodle Production Line :- The instant noodle production line is composed of brine mixer, brine measuring device, dual-axis mixer, ripen conveyor, new type rollers, multi layer water sealing steamer, square noodle cutting and dividing machine, fryer, cooling machine, conveyor and other unit machines.

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Final Output Products

Fully Automatic Instant Noodles Plant

The oil filters , paper oil filter, the heat exchanger, oil tank and oil circulating pump are on the non-operation side. We supply the pipes from cylinder to noodle machine; The buyer supply the steam to our cylinder. Frying electrical oil tempreture adjusting valve: RTK Brand. Slitter size: 1.2mm square slitter . undetermined. Frequency control , Fuji converter, Mitsubishi PLC , low voltage parts Schneider , touch screen Siemens, Including wires from electrical panel to noodle machines and wire bridges. (not including main power wire) 

Invest in high-quality machinery and equipment for noodle production. This includes mixing and kneading machines, noodle extruders, steaming units, frying machines, and drying equipment. These machines are essential for automating the noodle-making process and maintaining consistency in the product.

Main technical advantage

  1. Dust-free feeding station, vacuum loading and pneumatic discharge, pulse dust removal.
  2. Double-shaft dough mixer with variable frequency speed regulation, patented design mixing shaft.
  3. The rolling machine has an optimized rolling ratio to help the dough form the best gluten network. Each pressure roller is individually driven and frequency-controlled, and the most advanced laser radar sensor controls the speed with high stability.
  4. The fryer is advanced design, keep the lower oil content of the noodle. Patented design drum oil filter, good filtering effect.
  5. Air-cooled centralized air supply and centralized exhaust air, the air inlet is equipped with primary filter, which is hygienic and clean.
  6. All imported brand electrical components have good stability and low failure rate.

Manufacturing process 

Flour Sieving 🡪 Flour Air Convey 🡪 Double-Shaft Mixing 🡪 Dough Ripen 🡪 Compound Rolling 🡪  Continuous Rolling 🡪  Slitting And Forming 🡪 Continuous Steaming 🡪 Cutting And Folding 🡪 Oil Frying 🡪 Arranging 🡪 Cooling 🡪 Distribution –🡪 Packing And Conveying 🡪 Packaging

Plant Layout

Technical Parameters

Model IA-IFN-300 IA-IFN-500 IA-IFN-800
Installed Power
70 kw
90 kw
140 kw
Steam Consumption
Capacity / 8hr – 75 gms
30000~60000 Pcs
Process Detail
Actual output capacity
100-500 k bags/8H
Square-Round Noodle Cakes.
Noodle cake oil content
Mixing & Aging time
Approx 20Min/time
Steaming time
135 sec
Frying time
90 sec
Cooling time
120 sec
380V 50HZ
Steam consumption
1500KG/hour (For 100K)
Steam pressure
0.8Mpa (For 100K)
Total power:
55KW (For 100K)

Solutions we Provide

  • Fully Automatic Instant Fried Noodles Plant

  • Fully Automatic Instant Steam Noodles Plant

  • Fully Automatic Instant Cup Noodles Plant

  • Fully Automatic Instant Flavoured Noodles Plant

  • Fully Automatic Stick Noodles – Chowmein Plant

  • Fully Automatic Fresh Noodles Plant
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