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Revolutionizing Breakfast: Automatic Breakfast Cereal Manufacturing Plant

In today’s fast-paced world, where time is of the essence, breakfast cereals have become a popular choice for quick and nutritious morning meals. To keep up with the increasing demand for breakfast cereals, the food industry has embraced automation and cutting-edge technology. Fully automatic breakfast cereal manufacturing machines have emerged as a game-changer, streamlining the production process, enhancing efficiency, and ensuring consistent product quality. This writeup explores the key features, benefits, and impact of these sophisticated machines on the breakfast cereal industry.

Breakfast Cereals Like Cornflakes, Chocos etc are produced from this mixture using an extruder machine. Breakfast cereal corn flakes production line is a fully automatic processing line which is designed and developed combining with European advanced technology.

The production line uses corn flour, wheat flour, oat etc as its raw material. By twin screw extruder to accomplish cook curing, pelleting etc. Then by flakes pressing, baking, coating and other technological process to produce instant-eat crispy breakfast cereal corn flakes with regular, sweet, salty etc flavours.

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Final Output Products

Fully Automatic Breakfast Cereals (Cornflakes) Plant

Its breakthrough solves various difficult problem compared with domestic equipment, for example: pressing rollers sticking, low capacity of flakes pressing, low shaping rate, poor taste etc. Scientific processing technique can keep cereals nutritional elements. Reasonable equipments collocation and realizable process control ensure to produce nutritional crispy breakfast cereal corn flakes with various shapes and sizes.
The processing line not only can reduce costs, but also can improves market competitiveness.

Features :

State-of-the-art Automation: Fully automatic breakfast cereal manufacturing machines are equipped with advanced automation systems that control various aspects of the production process. From ingredient mixing and blending to shaping and packaging, these machines can operate seamlessly without extensive human intervention. Automated processes ensure precision and uniformity, reducing human errors and minimizing waste, thus optimizing productivity and profitability.

Precise Ingredient Management: One of the crucial factors that determine the quality of breakfast cereals is the precise management of ingredients. These machines are designed to handle various types of grains, flours, sweeteners, flavourings and additives with exact measurements. The automated system ensures the right proportions are used consistently, resulting in a final product that meets the desired taste and nutritional standards.

Versatility in Product Variations:
Breakfast cereal manufacturing machines are versatile and can produce a wide array of cereal shapes, sizes and flavours. Whether it’s flakes, loops, balls, or granola clusters, these machines can easily switch between different cereal types, enabling manufacturers to meet diverse consumer preferences and market demands.

Improved Safety and Hygiene:
Automation enhances food safety by reducing the number of touchpoints during the manufacturing process. Human interaction with the cereals is minimized, limiting the risk of contamination. Moreover, the machines are designed for easy cleaning and sanitation, ensuring adherence to strict hygiene standards.

Plant Layout (300 KPH)

Technical Parameters

Model IA-BC-150 IA-BC-450 IA-BC-950
Installed Power
Power Consumption
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