Air Removal Rotary Pick Fill Seal Machine

Air-Removal Rotary Pick-Fiill-Seal Packing Machine

A new generation of pre-made bag automatic packing machine, with rapid stable performance. Suitable for a large variety of bags in all shapes, such as self-supporting pouch, Doy-pack, zip-pouch, Irregular bag, three-side sealing, four-side sealing, back-sealing pouch etc. Have the Packing, Sealing, Switch zipper function and so on. With a variety of cutting and metering systems, packing of granules, liquids, powders, pastes can be achieved. 

These latest and innovative packaging machines Pick-Fill-Seal already premade custom pouches, so no rollstock is required. Moreover it can also perform online vacuum with more advance system. The end result – your packaged product looks modern, offers convenience, and differentiates itself from your competition. 

Main Performance and Features

  1. Horizontal Pouch Picking Station 
  2. Batch Coding + Zip Opening Station
  3. Top Pouch Open + Bottom Pouch Open Station
  4. Material-filling Station-1 
  5. Material-filling Station-2 
  6. Nitrogen Filling
  7. Heat Sealing Station-1+Air-exhausting Station 
  8. Cold Sealing and Outputting Station 

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Suitable Bag Type

Packaging Process

Station 1 🡪 Bag feeding : Feed many pouches or bags in the bag bag feeding conveyor, there are a mechanical arm with two vacuum caps will take bag up and then transmit it to the mechanical gripper on the rotary table.

Station 2 🡪 Date Printing and Zipper Opening : On this station coding in done with the help of hot foil coding device and Zipper of pouch in open from the top.

Station 3 🡪 Pouch Top & Bottom Opening : To open stand (flat) pouches from top and bottom with two sets vacuum cups to make bag ready for filling at next station. 

Station 4 🡪 Filling 1 :  There is an opening detection device insert into the open bag or pouch to expanding it and detect if it is open or not. No open no filling no sealing.

Station 5 🡪 Filling 2 : Option to add second filler

Station 6 🡪 Nitrogen Dosing: On this station Client can purge nitrogen inside the bag to increase the self-life of the product. 

Station 7 🡪 Air Suction & Sealer 1: On this station machine perform an extra-ordinary function where it removes all most 100% air from the bag and make it 90% vacuum. Then first sealer Seal the pouch with high temperature to eliminate the chance of any leakage and proper seal.

Station 8 🡪 Sealing 2 & Discharge: Sealing and Forming and output make the sealing stable and preventing from wrinkling with a couple of cold press, then output the finished production automatically

It’s worth noting that technology and machine capabilities may have evolved beyond what is described here, as the field of packaging equipment constantly advances. Therefore, it’s always recommended to consult with manufacturers or industry experts for the most up-to-date information on retort pouch packing machines.

Main Performance and Features

  1. SIEMENS Touch Screen and PLC Controller.
  2. 304# stainless steel construction. Conform the standard to GMP and HACCP\
  3. Suitable for a large variety of bags in all shapes and various types of products.
  4. Self-diagnosis function: No filling and nor sealing when it is detected that the bag is not open or not open completely.
  5. Auto alarming if there’s something wrong with the air pressure or heating elements
  6. Auto-break function occurs when the machine stops to achieve self-protection.
  7. Pouch width could be adjusted directly through the touch screen.
  8. Oil-free vacuum pump to avoid pollution.
  9. Customized zipper automatic opening function to avoid bag break or deformation.
  10. Perfect sealing to achieve excellent appearance display to improve product level. 
  11. Bag material: Composite film, monolayer PE films, PP, etc. 

Technical Parameters

Property Value
No. of working stations
Bags size in mm
W -120-300mm x L-100-450mm
Bag Type
Stand-up bag, Self supporting bag, Gusseted bag,
Handle bag, Spout-Pouch, Paper bag, Zip-Pouch
Filling Volume
100 – 1000g depending on type of products
Up to 40 bag/min(product property and filling range count)
Package Accuracy
Total power consumption
3.5 Kw
Compress air requirement
0.6m³/min supply by user

Suitable Products

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